self evaluation!

Overall i think i worked well on the given task. I could of expanded on my use of sources though. In the future i would try and use books for information,and just the internet for pictures. I thought it was easy accessing facts the most. I did and adverage job I think.

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I thought that one specific website I used was very useful. It was mainly facts and specific information that i needed. It was hard finding one certain thing which was environment. The poverty environment didnt come up and pictures were hard to access. I re-wrote all my information in my own words. I just copyed the pictures on.

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I only used google. I could of used others but i felt comfortable using google. I understand google the best .I did attempt to use wikipedia but i wasnt sure if the information was correct. At the start of my assignment i used one of the websites given… Overall i think i could have used other usefull sources.

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world poverty.


World poverty is a serious issue that is spreading all over the world. People are living in some of the poorest conditions and are dying gradually because of it. Project compassion is one of the best fundraisers to help the people living in such awful conditions. I am choosing poverty as my assignment because I think its an major issue that people should be aware of and what they are taking for granted.Im interested in poverty because I find it interesting finding out the conditions of some people and how they survive.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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